APProved by Famigo - 2012
Famigo gave 4 stars to StringZ

National Multimedia Award - 2012
1st place in Nacional Multimedia Award in mobile category

Zon Multimedia Awards 2011
Honors Award - Contents and Multimedia Applications

App Circus Lisbon - 2011
Finalist - Mobile Premier Awards - Vodafone / Nokia


“Z” is a curious single-toothed little blue alien that got trapped in a spacial wreck while exploring his galaxy.

Now you have to guide him back to his spaceship by drawing the correct string on the screen. Catch as manystars as you can to unlock new Planets full of levels! You have limited rope! use it wisely! Have FUN!

StringZ-HD Highlights

  • Use your perception of physics to draw a path for "Z".
  • Collect as many stars as you can. Two are easy, we dare you to get all three stars on each level.
  • The less string you use more score you get.
  • Avoid bombs and lasers or you'll be toasted.
  • Lots of levels and 180 stars to collect.
  • Gameplay

    Falcao vs Aliens

    World Super Soccer Star,
    Radamel Falcao to save the World from crazy Aliens.

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    Stringz HD

    Award Winner Puzzle Game.
    Super brain teaser with more than 80 different challenges.

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    To Bee or Not to Bee

    Bee Hero protects hive and its bee friends from honey hunger bugs.
    Lots of cool stuff.

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