WingzStudio® is always looking for fresh and creative people to work on our team.

If you enjoy the Gaming Industry, if you are interested in working in this industry. If you have good skills and enjoy working in a group team.

Send us your resume and some work samples to our attention. We will see if there is a fit for you!


Bairro Sousa Pinto, 35 - 1ยบ andar
3030-393 Coimbra / Portugal

+351 239 826 216

Falcao vs Aliens

World Super Soccer Star,
Radamel Falcao to save the World from crazy Aliens.

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Stringz HD

Award Winner Puzzle Game.
Super brain teaser with more than 80 different challenges.

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To Bee or Not to Bee

Bee Hero protects hive and its bee friends from honey hunger bugs.
Lots of cool stuff.

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